Thursday, June 18, 2015

A Walk With Christ

I'm sure you've heard the phrase "a walk with Christ". Truth is, many Christians don't have a walk with Christ, they have a "sit and stare at their belly buttons singing Kumbaya soaking in more and more knowledge about Christ without doing anything with the knowledge" type relationship with Christ. Okay, hear me out before you assume I'm judging you. I struggle with this too!

I love learning as much as possible about anything and everything so it's very easy for me to soak in as much knowledge as I can about God's word. In fact, I can focus so much on becoming more knowledgeable, it's easy for me to forget to put what I know into practice.

It is true we must know why we believe what we believe so we can be prepared to defend our faith and ourselves from Satan's schemes (2 Timothy 4:2) but even the demons know of God (James 2:19)! The Bible is clear that the two greatest commandments are to love God and to love others; in fact, both are equally important (Matthew 22:37-39)! Why then do we focus so much on loving God by only focusing on our knowledge of Him?

The truth is, it's easy.

It's much easier for me to put effort into a relationship with an omniscient God who loves me unconditionally than it is for me to put effort into using my knowledge of Him to love others. I mean, let's face it, God has given me, through no effort or warrant of my own, the only access available to an eternity with Him through the death of His Son on a cross. My neighbors? Great people, for sure, but they'd never do that!

The problem is, by only cultivating my relationship with God and ignoring the implementation of my knowledge of Him, I am missing the other half of the two greatest commandments! Instead of searching for more knowledge (another devotional, Bible study, etc.), I should instead discipline myself and apply the knowledge that I have!

So what am I saying? Am I suggesting Bible Studies and collections of devotionals are bad? Of course not! However, we should never find ourselves forgoing the wisdom and righteousness from Christ that comes from applying the knowledge we have of Him (Romans 2:13).

Do you find yourself seeking to know more and more about Christ but your "walk with Christ" consists more of knowledge than application? I encourage you to find ways to strengthen your "walk" with Christ by applying His teachings! Volunteer at your church, look out for the "least of these", show kindness in all situations--love others! Allow yourself to be put into uncomfortable positions for Christ and ask that He use you to lead others to Him. When you do, you will experience a greater understanding of the Lord and His love than any knowledge alone could provide!