Monday, May 16, 2005

Fellowship Church Blog

A long time ago, I was asked by one of my friends why my church is called "". After my abs got their feeling back from the amount of laughing I did, I told him that my church's name was Fellowship Church, and that was the church's website.

My friend thought that our church was named that because we have the church's website address on one of our buildings. After I told him about the FC website, he looked at me and told me that he didn't think that churches should have websites. I politely asked him why and he told me, "Because... well... because... they just shouldn't!"

I told him that with the vastness of the web, there was no reason a church shouldn't have a website. For one, what better way to reach people? And two, it allows people that are interested about the church to find out information about it before they come.

Fellowship Church is well known for it's use of technology. There are plenty of articles about FC and how we use technology in order to spread God's word. Our newest form of spreading information is the FC Blog. Here is what FC's website says about the new blog:

For Fellowship Church, a blog is simply a new way to reach people - to tell the story of Fellowship Church and the incredible things God is doing here. As our church grows larger, we must continually find ways to connect with one another and share the amazing stories of life-change that take place each and every week.

So if you ever want to know what is going down in one of America's top fastest growing churches, check out the blog and get updated!

Many of the church's staff also have blogs in which they write about their daily heppenings. For example, my boss's wife Holly, the preschool director of the Uptown satellite campus, has a blog here: Terry Storch (FC's COO/CTO) also has a blog here: Not only does he have one, but his wife and his Executive Assistant does too. That's not it! There a more! Scroll down on Terry's blog and look under Fellowship Bloggers.

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