Monday, June 13, 2005

Too Blessed To Be Stressed

Summer time is always stressful for me; it is a time of too much work, and not enough sleep. I can always tell when I'm stressed because my right eyelid will start to twitch. Living a stressful life is all too common in the world we live in. We get up early, go too bed late and we're always on the go.

Because of stress, it is easy to become discouraged; especially when you don't feel there are enough hours in the day. It can be upsetting when you feel like all you do is work but we must remember that our God is the Creator of all things. He watches over us and is always there for us (Isaiah 58:11).

When I feel overcome by stress I think of Daniel and his sleepover with the lions (Daniel 6). The king's administrators were jealous because the king favored Daniel and planned to set him over the whole kingdom. They had a problem though; these men could not find any basis for charges against him. So the king's men decided to get the king to enforce a law that would not be in agreement with God's: no man could pray to anyone else but the king. Daniel remained loyal to God though, and the king reluctantly threw him into the lion's den.

How stressed do you think you would be in a situation like that? You would have done nothing wrong, and you would most likely feel that God had turned His back on you. The passage becomes ironic because the king became so stressed that he did not eat and could not sleep. On the other hand, Daniel was at peace because he was in God's hands, and He saved him from the lions.

There are plenty of times when I feel so stressed that I don't feel that I can go on, or I feel like I am being over-loaded. I begin to wonder why God has allowed so many things to be put on my plate. I have to remind myself that God will provide, and that I am blessed because of the love and peace He offers.

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 says, "Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus." Are you going through a stressful time? Do you feel like you can't go on? Pray to God and ask Him to help you with your day. Ask Him to allow you to see that you are too blessed to be stressed.


Anonymous said...

I know too well how stressful life can get. I'm glad to know I always have a source of peace and comfort. Speaking of getting up early and going to bed late...goodnight!

Anonymous said...

I can definitely relate to the story of Daniel in the Den of Lions right now. And to be honest, the stress would get the best of me. I sometimes also wonder, how people live with themselves, knowing very well that, the other person did nothing wrong. But I know that things happen for a reason....a good one I hope!

Anonymous said...

Man, you ROCK! God is using you in mighty ways, Collin!! It is so refreshing to see a young man with a sold-out heart for Christ be such a huge encouragement to other believers. Now it's time for me to go have a sleepover of my own...just not with a bunch of smelly lions (although my hubby's sleepy breath probably smells very similar ~ heehee).