Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Do I Know You?

The other night I went out to eat with some friends after a Bible study we had. Once we were seated we began to chat and look through the menus. In no time our waitress appeared, laid down our silverware, and proceeded to give me the “Do I know you?” look. She then asked me if I went to Fellowship Church with which I quickly replied “I do”. She then told me that she was friends with a girl that used to work in the preschool with me. She mentioned how much she loved Fellowship and after a while of chatting she left to give us some time to ponder about what we wanted to eat.

As we were waiting for this waitress to come back, I was reminded of how important it is that we constantly act Christ-like. If this waitress would have seen me doing something bad, and then asked me if I went to Fellowship Church, she would have assumed that there was no change in me and my witness would no longer be credible to her!

The Devil wants no more than for us to fail; he knows that as humans we are weak but because we have accepted Christ we are not normal humans! We are peculiar people, people who should be eager to do what is good (Titus 2:14)! The Bible tells us that as Christians we need to be the salt and the light of the world (Matthew 5:13-16)! Therefore, we must constantly strive to be more Christ-like no matter the situation or the people we are around.

Are you conscious of the watchful eyes of this world? Are you constantly doing things that could cause others to question whether or not there has really been a change in you? As Christians our hearts are no longer full of darkness, they are full of light from the Lord. Because of this, our behavior should show it (Ephesians 5:8-9)! Strive to be like Christ, make His Kingdom your primary concern and you will find that He will provide all that you'll ever need (Matthew 6:33).

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Anonymous said...

This really struck a cord w/ me. I am in highschool and I am a memeber of bible club and students standing strong, and a lot of my classmates know that. Sometimes i feel like they are waiting for me to mess up or say something unchristian like. It can be painful at times when i do mess up. My cuss word or my kiss is multiplied a millions more times then their's. It's tough but who said christianity is easy?