Monday, May 30, 2005

What are you thinking about?

Watermelon. I want you to think about a watermelon. Think about it until it is the only thing on your mind. Now stop. Stop thinking about that watermelon. Don't think about it.

Still thinking about that watermelon? Is it because you are concentrating on not thinking about that watermelon?

That's the situation most of us are in. We are constantly surrounded by many different situations that cloud our minds with things that God doesn't want us to be thinking about. These could be things like constant worries, or maybe a lustful thought. We try to stop thinking about these things, but what happens is we end up thinking about it more.

The truth is that you can't stop thinking about something. Our mind has to have something that is always keeping it busy. We try to get rid of these thoughts, but they keep coming back.

What many don't realize is that if we try to just clear our minds and think about nothing, we soon find out that our brain doesn't work that way. The only way to get these thoughts out of your mind is to replace them with the thoughts that God wants us to have.

The devil loves clouding our minds with things that will make us stumble. He knows that if he can get into our minds, then he can take control.

I encourage every one of you to remember that God wants us to have Him on our minds, and just like God cannot be where there is evil, evil thoughts cannot be where the thoughts that God wants us to have are. Pray that God will watch over what comes into your mind, and make sure you make your effort to block those things as well.


Anonymous said...

I remember the very first time I looked at your xanga site, this was the post that was up. After I read it I really wanted to eat some watermelon lol!

Anonymous said...

I love this blog you did.It's so true we always have things we think about that we don't need to and it takes away from our time with God.We just need to put those aside and just focus on God.I hope that made since lol.