Wednesday, June 01, 2005


I drive a yellow Ford Focus Hatchback, and in the back, right underneath the "focus" emblem, I put "on God" so that any car that pulls up behind me sees, “Focus on God”. I did this when I first got my car and have had it ever since. Because of this, everyone knows that I represent God, even if they don't know me.

Just like my car, as Christians, we are labeled. It should be evident that we are Christians and anyone that knows us should be able to tell that we are Christians. Representing Christ can be a tough ordeal though. We must constantly represent Christ in a way that will not distort His image.

Today, as you go throughout your daily deeds, constantly remind yourself that you represent God, the One who created everything. This will not only allow you to stay in check with how God wants you to act, but it will strengthen your relationship with Him.

Romans 12:17b, “Be careful to do what is right in the eyes of everybody”


Anonymous said...

Wow, that really gives me something to keep in mind today. I need to get my focus back. Thanks Collin, u always say just what I need to hear.

Anonymous said...

Hey Collin, this is greatness. I love your creative ideas to shine His light!!! :)